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Moringa Lemon Grass Oil

  • Product Code : 15
  • Unit of Measure :Liter/Liters
  • Minimum Order Quantity :1

Organic Moringa Oil

  • Product Code : 19
  • Minimum Order Quantity :5
  • Unit of Measure :Liter/Liters
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The Moringa Oil is appreciable for its cleansing and moisturizing properties. This emollient is used in the production of lotions, body oils, shampoos, conditioners, anti-aging creams, body wash, deodorants, perfume, face creams, soaps etc. This is extremely crucial for aromatherapy and has compatibility with other essential oils. It can be easily absorbed into the skin and provides it a radiance and youthful glow. Moringa Oil is included with many skin-healthy nutrients and helps reduce wrinkles. Its anti-inflammatory properties makes it suited for medicinal uses as well. The oil can treat psoriasis, rough skin, eczema and dermatitis. Its skin-healing properties boosts the blood circulation. This lightweight oil is appropriate for all skin types and gives relief from clogging of pores.

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